About Us

We are Wild Spirit Safaris

Wild Spirit Safaris is based in Kampala, Uganda and made up of a progressive team of Africa Safari Experts who specialise in luxury and mid-range tailor-made tours and safaris in Uganda and East Africa (incl. the Indian Ocean Islands by combining safari and beach holidays). We have successfully tailor-made, booked and assisted safaris for travellers from around the world


Our expert knowledge and firsthand travel experience ensures your trip is crafted to your exact needs and budget, including all inclusive accommodation, activities and transfers. Through our own travels, we are able to confidently offer an extensive range of products and experiences. Your safari expert will be your single point of contact, assisting you through the planning and booking of your ultimate safari.

Our priority is to gain your trust through taking the time to understand your needs and provide honest and reliable expert advice. We pride ourselves in the service that we offer our clients and believe that this sets us apart from our competitors. Not only do we plan all the details of your booking, we also re-confirm each individual service before you travel, leaving nothing to chance. We also offer 24/7 on-safari support by giving clients a direct phone line to get help or advice at any time during your safari.

Wild Spirit Safaris is an accredited member of the tourism authorities; Association of Tour Operators (AUTO) - which guarantees certain standards and recourse. This ensures our travellers enjoy financial peace of mind with complete financial protection. Any money paid to us receives a third party guarantee.

We are privately-owned and fully independent, our core aim is to ensure that your Uganda safari is logistically flawless. Wild Spirit Safaris is a trademark and registered under the Uganda Company Registration.

Founded in 2015, Wild Spirit Safaris' Directors have over a decade of successful experience in the tourism industry. Through the confidence of our clients, we continue to grow as a company and are fast becoming one of the leading travel agencies.

Why Book With Us

Why Choose Wild Spirit Safaris

Planning a safari can be a daunting prospect for a first time or even seasoned traveler. Africa is not your ‘run-of-the-mill’ vacation spot, with so many different types of safari and choices of destination on offer, making it is easy to understand why planning your safari could be difficult.

  • That’s why the biggest benefit you’ll most likely feel from our service is peace of mind.
  • Peace of mind that your once in a lifetime trip will go off without a hitch.
  • Because we believe that you deserve that, everyone does.

Our business is a family of seasoned Safari Experts ensuring your trip is planned perfectly and runs smoothly - all at no cost to you (but more on that later).

How do we make sure your trip is perfectly planned?

First off, we take the time to understand what you want from your safari experience.

Romance? Family time? Pure adventure?

Whatever you’re looking for, rest assured we will puzzle it out!

Then what?

We get to work, so you don’t have to.

Your dedicated Africa expert sorts through hundreds of lodges and experiences in each country that you’d like to visit and tailor makes a trip that’s just right for you.

In no time you’ll have gone from having a vague idea of what your trip will look like to receiving a few detailed digital itinerary options to choose from.

All that troublesome planning has been taken out of your hands and placed into those of an expert.

  • Flights?
  • Transfers?
  • Lodge and hotel bookings?
  • Game drives?
  • Dinner under the stars?

We have it covered. For free (more on how later).

How do you know you can trust us with all of this planning?

Each year our experts are given the opportunity to visit various corners of Africa, to gain first-hand knowledge and a better understanding of what each destination has to offer - accommodation, transport, cuisine and experiences.

The connections our Africa experts make are the keys to providing you with a memorable vacation.

Our 1,000 (and counting) happy travellers over the years also give you something to go by.

Then am I on my own when I travel?

Never. The very same person that planned your trip, booked your flights and arranged that special champagne breakfast, will be on call throughout your entire trip.

That Africa expert will be calling ahead before you arrive at every destination to ensure that each hotel, dietary request and excursions are reconfirmed - we will ensure that your trip is flawless.

You’ll also have a direct line to your Africa expert in case anything goes wrong.

How do you know you can trust us with your money?

We were founded in 2015 and have more than a decade successful years of experience in the tourism industry. We’re also an accredited member of these world leading tourism authorities:

  • Uganda Tourism Board (UTB)
  • Association of Uganda Tour Operators (AUTO)

These associations guarantee certain standards and recourse.

This means you can enjoy financial peace of mind with complete financial protection.

Any money paid to us also receives a third party guarantee.

How is this all free?

We get paid for the work we do, but not by you.

We earn our money through commission from the suppliers that we work with.

We help reputable lodges, transfer companies, flight operators and tour operators get business, and so they’re quite fond of us.

These relationships with suppliers help us to get you the best prices available.

We leverage that ability to offer you a price guarantee - so if you find a better price than ours, let us know and we’ll match it.

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